StarAzure License

All StarAzure themes and products comply with GPL along with the PHP files contained in them. All PHP files are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

All StarAzure Joomla extensions including the paid ones are licensed under GPL.

Only applicable to Joomla Templates: However, please note that StarAazure themes may contain graphics, images, CSS and javaScript files which are NOT published under the GPL. These files run independently and are accessed directly by the web browser without being processed by any PHP files. Such files are released under the StarAzure Proprietary Use License in accordance with our Terms of Use.

StarAzure Products Ownership

Any StarAzure products whether modified or unmodified are not your property. You do not own them and they are property of StarAzure.

Site Licenses

Site Licenses means the number of domains (websites) on which you can use our templates/themes.

How many site licenses do I get ?

Your membership includes specific numbers of site licenses for specific products. Each license gives you the right to use the product on 5 sites. It is not permitted to use our products on more than the allowed number of sites. We permit the use of our templates on upto a maximum of 10 sub-domains. Usage on excess of 5 subdomains will count as additional licenses. It is NOT allowed to sub-license, assign, or transfer your licenses to anyone. Please make sure that you only use the permitted number of licenses.

Can I get unlimited site licenses ?

You must contact us through the theme support forum and present a reason why you need unlimited site licenses. We need to make sure you are not re-selling our templates or misusing them. If you have a valid reason and if you do not violate our terms or service, we may grant limited site licenses for you.

Can I use site licenses after my membership expiration date?

Yes, You can keep using the templates on the licensed sites even after your membership has expired. If you have spare licenses after the expiry of your membership, you can set up sites with templates you have downloaded. Please note that you cannot download new versions or templates after your license has expired.

Can I use site more than one template on a single site?

Yes, Go ahead and rock your web with some of our cool templates. Installation of multiple themes on a single domain count as just one license.

Can I use free templates on any number of site(s)?

By default you can use the template on 5 sites. You must contact us through the theme support forum and present a reason why you need unlimited site licenses and we may grant it at our discretion.

If my account expires and I renew later, do I get extra licenses for the renewal?

Yes, upon renewal of your subscription, or on purchase of additional site licenses all your licenses will be added together. For example, if you had 3 licenses from your 1 year Joomla Club membership, upon renewal for another year, you would have six site licenses in total.

Unauthorized use of StarAzure products

It is not permitted to display or use any non-GPL parts of our products in a modified or even unmodified version on a disk, website or any other medium. Usage of our products, images, screenshots for resale purposes is not permitted. In other words, you are not allowed to set up our products for demonstration purposes to promote them to your customers. It is also not allowed to use screenshots of our product to promote them to your customers for resale purposes without StarAzure's permission.